Monarch Cleaners Yadkin Rd.

One stop shop for all your military and civilian needs!

6031 yadkin rd. suit c fayetteville nc 28303


Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday   8:00 am - 7:30 pm

Saturday  9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sunday  10:00 am - 6:00 pm 

Holiday hours:

Closed Christmas day

Closed January 1st

Closed July 4th

What we can help you with....

We try to make things easier for our customers we make sure we handle all of your cleaning and sewing needs! We can clean gowns, dresses, ACU's, ACU's, Wedding dresses, pants, shirts, blankets, comforters, drapes.... As well as sewing needs such as name tapes, rank changes, hemming pants, mending holes, alterations for gowns and wedding dresses.  We also can help you with buying or selling used ASU's, ACU's, Jump boots subject to availability. Dog tags and name tapes are made in house as well. 
We sell used ASU!


We buy and sell ASU's!

Subject to availability 

We Alter Clean and Preserve wedding dresses

Wedding and Formal Gowns

We offer cleaning and alterations for formal dresses as well as preservation of your wedding dress in a see through box
we sell Pc's, bonnie hats and helmet covers

Head Gear

We sell ACU and multicam bonnie caps, patrol caps, and helmet covers. We also sell and embroider cat eyes for the helmets. 
We sell ACU's (Subject to availability)

ACU's and Multicam's

We buy and Sell ACU's

Subject to availability

We make dog tags now!

We can make it with your social or your DOD #. we can do them while you wait or you can come back to pick them up. We do please ask that you come to the store to fill out a copy of what you need on the tags to minimize any mistakes. We do not offer any over the phone ordering for the dog tags. 

we can set up your ASU's

We offer badge set ups for your ASU's according to army regulations. We Sell Unit crests, regimental crest, ribbons and racks, jump wings, combat infantry badges, combat action badges, foriegn jump wings and most everything else for the ASU's. 

ASU's Badge set up prices start at $20.00


We can make name tapes for ACU or multicam in house as well as name plates for ASU's. We also Sell skill badges and patches, no need to go anywhere else we really are a one stop shop!

If you are looking for something and you do not see it on our site feel free to call us or stop by the store. We can always order what you need or help point you in the right direction of who can help if we are unable to. We try to carry most of the patches and insignia but sometimes we miss some so just let us know what you need and we will do are best to get you squared away!


Cleaning Schedule:

If you drop off clothes for cleaning through out the week most of the time we can have it back to you the following business day after 6:30 pm. This all depends on how busy we are, if the garments need alterations and cleaning, and also depends if the garment has any stains. If you do drop it off on a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday though the earliest it can be cleaned and ready for pickup is Monday after 6:30 pm. Our plant does not clean on the weekends.

Special  circumstance (please allow for a few days up to a week for cleaning of the following items) 

- Comforters/Duvets/Sheets

- Formal dresses/Wedding Dresses

- Curtains

- Table Cloths

we sell most unit crest
we carry a wide selection of ribbons
we can also make name tapes and plates here